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Why Suing After a Car Accident is the Right Thing to Do

Reach out to H. Lehman Franklin P.C. today by phone at 912-764-9616 or by email at if your car accident has left you with medical bills and other costs, including lost wages. We are here to provide you with expert consultation and representation, should you need it in the state of Georgia.

The Basics of the Georgia Products Liability Law

The purpose of a products liability lawsuit is to give the public a chance to hold manufacturers and suppliers legally responsible for faulty products. Damaged or defective products are dangerous and can cause serious injury or death. The Georgia Products Liability Statute is designed to protect consumers in the state...
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Chapter 13 or Debt Consolidation?

There is a lot to unpack when deciding between debt consolidation and filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. For those struggling with debt, a basic comparison can help them make the right choice for their financial circumstances.

Dog Bites and Small Children

Your child deserves representation from the very best Georgia has to offer. We have gotten compensation for our clients in countless dog bite cases. To book a free consultation, call H. Lehman Franklin today at 912-764-9616.

Can Wage Garnishment Be Negotiated?

Wage garnishment is a portion of your wage which is taken in order to pay a creditor. Contrary to what many individuals in Georgia believe, there are a number of ways in which you can effectively negotiate a wage garnishment. Knowing your rights and options for reducing the amount taken...
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What Assets Can Be Repossessed?

If you default on a payment to a lender, it is important to know how that affects the lender’s right to repossess your assets. There are a number of types of assets that are at risk of repossession. However, the list below details the most common. The Family Home When...
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Chapter 12: Protecting the Family Business

A Chapter 12 is a special kind of bankruptcy filing which is intended to help family farmers and fishermen restructure finances in order to avoid liquidation or foreclosure. If you own a farming or fishing business, Chapter 12 is similar to Chapter 13 bankruptcy, with additional benefits. Farmers and fishermen...
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Using Bankruptcy to Get Out of Medical Debt

When you have a large amount of debt, including medical debt, it may be time to consider restructuring your finances so you can afford to stay above water. You can file for bankruptcy in order to lower or potentially eliminate your medical debt, depending on your specific circumstances. It is...
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What is a Judgment Lien?

If you are in financial debt you may have heard the term “judgment lien” being used in relation to creditors. A judgment lien is a ruling by a court which allows creditors to place a lien on real property and/or garnish wages and bank accounts. This is usually the result...
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